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Farmall Number Series Tractors

This is a sampling of the Farmall Number Series tractors that we have sold and is an indication of the variety of tractors that we try to keep in inventory.  As you can see we don't always sell fully restored tractors so check us out if you are looking for a project tractor.  Click on the tractor name on the left to see the tractors that we currently have listed on the site for sale. If you don't see it, please send us an email, as we normally have un-restored tractors that are not listed on the site.  We also can find tractors. 

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1956 Farmall 300.  

# 1422  SOLD

Farmall 400 with 450 paint scheme:

# 2001  SOLD

Restored Farmall 460 Diesel

#1579  SOLD

1963 Farmall 560.

# 1686  SOLD

1957 Farmall 450 gas tractor.

#  1675 SOLD

1955 Farmall Model 300.

# 1685 SOLD

Nice running, un-restored 1957 Farmall 350 Rowcrop tractor.  #1621  SOLD

Extremely nice 1957 Farmall 450

# 1662  SOLD

Very nice 1955 Farmall 400  SOLD

# 1673

Extremely sharp Farmall 450 Diesel. Totally restored. SOLD

#  1594

1957 Farmall 350 Recent engine overhaul, new TA, power steering, wide front, 2pt fast hitch, 12 volt electric, fenders, 5400 original hours on hour meter  # 1482 

1957 Farmall 450 Strong running engine, good TA,
straight sheet metal, 12 volt electrical system, power steering # 1600 SOLD

1955 Farmall 400 Diesel Four cylinder Diesel engine.  power steering, three remotes, 12 volt electric, live PTO #1661 SOLD

1955 Farmall 400 Strong running gas engine, good TA, wide frontend, power steering, 12 volt electrical system, 3 spool hydraulics, 15.5 rear tires with over 85% tread. 2point fast hitch available.  #1554  SOLD

1965 Farmall Model 140 # 1553 SOLD

Nicely restored 1957 Farmall 350.

# 1613  SOLD

Robert Youngblood and Son picking up two recently purchased utility tractor.  IH 300  and a IH 350.  Loaded and headed South to East Texas.

1957 IH 350 Utility.  SOLD  # 1633


Alan Hinman (Head of our Shipping Dept.)  shown with 460 gas and 560 Diesel ready to be shipped to the Terry Tennet Farm in southern Illinois

Two nice tractors going to Long Island, New York, purchased by Perry Youngwall adding to his fine collection of Antique Tractors:   1957 Farmall 450  and a 1951 Cockshutt Model 40

1956 Farmall 400 Many new parts including complete
engine overhaul, clutch assembly, gauges, fluids, excellent sheet metal.  SOLD #  1625



Robert Jacobs and his lovely wife came from Central Iowa
picked up a beautifully restored 1957 Farmall 350 from our museum collection.
Looking forward to parades and tractor drives throughout
the great state of Iowa!

1957 Farmall 350: Beautifully restored with excellent sheet metal, strong running motor and good TA  # 1558  SOLD

1957 Farmall 350 Diesel. Direct start 4 cylinder diesel engine. Recent engine, TA and fuel system overhaul,  Numerous new parts including fluids.  SOLD   # 1524

1957 Farmall 350 Diesel, good running motor, good TA, power steering, 2 point fast hitch.  SOLD    # 1461

Super nice 1954 Farmall model 400. Very low hours on  complete engine and TA overhaul.

SOLD #  1596

Very nice 1963 Farmall 560 Diesel: Excellent running tractor with good TA, power steering, 3 remotes, 2 point. fast hitch, nice smooth sheet metal, rear weights.   SOLD  # 1618


1960 Farmall 460 gas tractor. 6cyl. engine, 12 volt
electric system, power steering, live pto, 2pt fast hitch,
factory wide front axle, good engine and TA.  SOLD       # 1614


1959 IH 560 Diesel, Older restoration, good running motor with working TA  SOLD

# 1395

1957 Farmall 450: The sharpest, straightest, neatest, most outstanding 450 we've ever offered for sale on our site.

# 1563  SOLD

1973 IH Model 666. Restored and ready for the field or show.# 1454  SOLD

1959 Farmall 460 Diesel
No longer available see # 1579

# 1503


1957 Farmall 450 gas tractor. Good running farm tractor with older restoration.  # 1526  SOLD 2011

Super Nice 1957 Farmall 350. Strong running motor with good TA.   SOLD 2011         # 1507

1957 Farmall 450 gas tractor. Very nicely restored- SOLD 2011

# 1545

Farmall 400 Diesel Tractor

1955 Farmall 400 Diesel.  

SOLD 2011   #1318

1956, Farmall 300, #29238, Factory PS, fast hitch, wide front, fenders, new paint,  new tires, overall condition  excellent.

1956 Farmall 400.  Serial number 37487.  Wide front, power steering, 12 volt.

A one owner Farmall 400 and 1954 Farmall SMTA are both headed to Nashville, Tenn.

This Farmall 300 is now owned by Mr. Anderson in Rushville, IL.

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David and his son Frank came and picked up their 1954 Farmall Super H and are headed home to Pennington Gap VA.

This 1954 Farmall Super MTA is headed to Cape Cod Mass.  Hope Rick keeps it out of the ocean, wouldn't want to mess up that paint job

1958 Farmall 450 58hp.  Fasthitch/ 3 point.  Good paint and tin.  Sold summer 2002.

Another happy buyer. This one from the great state of Georgia. A nice one owner Farmall 450 going to the Steed Farm  just West of Atlanta. Sold November 2002.

1957 Farmall 450 gas excellent in every way, power steering, fast hitch, new 15.5 tires, recent paint.  Hard to find in this good of condition.  SOLD February 2003.

1958 Farmall 450 with power steering.  Independent PTO, Fast hitch / 3 point, 3 spool hydraulic, new paint, excellent condition.  SOLD in February 2003 to Mr. Don Shepard of Peoria, IL.

1957 IH 350 power steering, fenders, fast hitch, factory wide front, recent paint, 13.6 tires ex. condition.   SOLD March 2003

1961 Farmall 560  62hp, serial #41497. Narrow front, PS, new paint , 15.5x38 rear tires with 75% tread, Motor, trans, rear end, and TA excellent condition.  SOLD on Ebay Item # 2519125428 for $2700.

1957 Farmall 450 with 281 cu. in., 4 cylinder, gas engine. I PTO, 3 hyd outlets, fast hitch, PS,, 5 speed, transmission with good TA.  Sheet metal excellent, strong motor.  New rear tires.  Purchased by Mr. Richard Johnson of Michigan City, Indiana , standing next to his tractor with his friend Greg.  Sold May 2003

Gene Clarke and Grandson Matt with their 1958 Farmall 450 near Rock Island, Il. This tractor has PS, IPTO, 3 Hyd outlets, excellent sheet metal, TA, with stan hoist loader Sold June 2003


1957 Farmall 450 gas with power steering. Less than 50 hours on complete engine overhaul, good TA, good tires, new gauges, new wiring harness, new battery and battery box, one set rear weights, fenders, this tractor has been in several shows and parades, excellent tractor in every way.    SOLD October 2003 Added 6/2003

1957 Farmall 350 row crop, parade and show condition, good motor and TA, power steering, 3 spool hydraulics, fenders, fast hitch, 13.6 tires with 75% tread, very nice paint and straight tin.  Sold October 2003

Diesel 1962 Farmall 560 Very nice tractor, Factory wide front.   3pt hitch, 15.5 tires, Motor, TA, transmission, and rear end A-okay, sheet metal perfect. Comes with IH #2000 loader in very good condition.  Sold October 2003

1957 Farmall 450 gas with power steering, 3 hydraulic outlets, PTO, with standard drawbar. This is a sharp 450, very straight tin with optional spin out wheels on 15.5 tires with 70% tread.  Engine and TA are excellent, this tractor is ready for show or put to work.    Sold November 2003

1957 Farmall 450 power steering, 5spd, trans, with hi/lo TA, Live 540 PTO, wide front, 3pt hitch, 3 hyd valves, custom flat top fenders with working lights and tool bins.   95% rear tires, good oil pressure, no smoke, runs great.  SOLD Jan 2004 on Ebay

1955 Farmall 400.  This is a one owner tractor prior to restoration.  It has a newly rebuilt 4cyl. gas engine rated at 52hp. It has power steering, 3 hydraulic controls, independent PTO, excellent sheet metal, engine and TA. Very nice paint. 15.5x38 tires with 85% tread.   Sold March 2004

Gary Weber and his friend Bill , loaded and ready to head back to St. Louis with his newly purchased 1956 Farmall 300, serial number #28293, narrow front, fast hitch, PS, 70% tires. Sheet metal and engine very good, with front end loader,  Sold March 2004

1957 Farmall 450, power steering, 3 valve hyd., fast hitch, excellent sheet metal, near new paint, strong engine and TA, 70% rear tires.  Sold March 2004

1957 Farmall 350 rowcrop with factory power steering,  nearly new paint, engine, TA, transmission, all excellent.  New front tires, 13.6 tires on rear with 75% tread, standard hitch, 3 remotes, pulley, rear weights and Independent PTO.  SOLD 2004


Ellery Hawkins and his Son Garrett drove up from Southern Ill. and checked this tractor out for over an hour before deciding to purchase it after some extensive negotiating. They plan to put it to work on their farm because their old trusted 450 locked up last week and they can't get along without one.     Sold May 2004

Ray and Connie Handte from Cleveland, Georgia with their 1955 Farmall 300 with 350 cream paint trim, power steering, 2pt fast hitch, wide front, belt pulley, 540 PTO, lights, 3 hyd controls, 5spd, trans with TA, optional fast hitch release bar, 13.6 rear tires with 85-90% tread, new front tires.  Sold July 2004 on Ebay.

1957 Farmall 450 Diesel. Restored to show condition. Good motor and TA. 3 hyd. valves, excellent sheet metal, starts on gas, 4400 hours on working hour meter, p.s., new front tires, new 15.5's ordered for the rear.  Sold July 2004.

Original 1957 Farmall 450 Diesel. Starts and runs excellent on gas and Diesel. Dual hydraulic controls, power steering, TA, brakes, IPTO all work well. Restored and SOLD

Farmall 450, very nice one owner Iowa tractor with Power steering, 3 hydraulic valves, good motor and TA with fast-hitch.  15.5 rear tires with 90% tread.  Excellent sheet metal with new paint.  Shipped to Salt Lake City UT            SOLD Aug 2004

1957 Farmall 450 runs good, 3 hydraulic valves, standard hitch, power steering, no TA, paint and tires fair.  Traded

1957 Farmall 350 rowcrop with power steering, 2pt. fast hitch, fenders, excellent sheet metal, nice paint, rear weights, lights, 13.6 tires with 75% tread, 3 hydraulic outlets, strong motor with good TA, transmission, and brakes.  SOLD to buyer in California.

1955 Farmall 400 un-restored but in very good condition. Strong motor, three hydraulic valves, power steering, wide front, 12 volt  14.9 x 38 tires with 50% tread. SOLD to buyer in Indiana

1958 Farmall 350 Diesel 40hp, Continental 4 cylinder Diesel engine, 5spd. trans with hi/lo shift. Power steering, fast hitch, 3 hyd remotes, fenders, belt pulley, new 13.6 rear tires. This is a hard to find Diesel tractor in outstanding condition.  Recent engine overhaul, good TA, working lights and hour meter with 1205 hours.  SOLD

1958 Farmall 450  show condition, 281 gas engine, 5spd. trans, with TA, 3-spool live hydraulics, Power Steering, Factory wide front end, nearly new 15.5 rear tires on original spin out rims, fenders, head & tail lights, 2pt IH fast hitch, paint and sheet metal excellent, less than 2000 hours on hour meter,  SOLD

Classic 1956 Farmall 400 gas with power steering, IH - 2-point fast hitch, new paint on excellent sheet metal.  The motor and TA are excellent.  Tires are weather checked, tractor can be purchased with present tires or new tires. A super sharp "56" Farmall 400. Sold Sept 2005

Keith and Elaine Rahn from Sullivan, WI  ready to head North to Wisconsin with their brand new “1957” Farmall 450.  A wide front and 3 pt hitch were added before he picked it up.  This 450 has a good motor, TA and sheet metal, power steering, 3 hydraulic controls , 2pt fast hitch, fenders, excellent paint, 15.5 rear tires with 60% tread.   SOLD Oct 2005

1957 Farmall 450 Diesel with power steering, recent engine and TA overhaul, rear weights, triple remotes, excellent sheet metal.  Near new paint, new 15.5 rears and new 6.50 fronts, new brakes.  Comes with axle mounted hubs for dual wheels.   SOLD

#1161   Farmall 450 Diesel Video

1958 Farmall 350 Diesel with a 40hp. Continental 4 cylinder Diesel engine, 5spd. trans with hi/lo shift. Power steering, fast hitch, 3 hyd remotes, fenders, belt pulley, new 13.6 rear tires. working hour meter with 1205 hours.  SOLD  

Farmall 450 Super Sharp tractor with Power steering, 2-point fast hitch, excellent motor, TA, Transmission, 3 spool hydraulics, many new parts, new paint.  A good solid 450.  #1229    SOLD

1955 Farmall 400 gas tractor. Strong engine, good TA, power steering, 3 spool hydraulic, nice paint on excellent sheet metal, Rear tires are 14.9 with 40% tread, 12 volt electric, lights, standard drawbar. An excellent working tractor with a nice appearance.   SOLD  #1188

1957 Farmall 450 Diesel. Starts and runs excellent, no smoke, good oil pressure, power steering, 2 point fast hitch, rear weights, 14.9 rears with 50% tread, excellent sheet metal.   Click on the tractor for more pictures.  SOLD  # 1183

Farmall 400 Diesel with power steering, 3hyd. valves, 12 volt electric, 2pt. fast hitch, fenders, nearly new 14.9 X 38 rear tires. Very good sheet metal, with nice paint.   #1130   Sold at Aug 12th Auction      Video of Farmall 400 Diesel 


1962 Farmall 460 Diesel   6-cylinder engine, 5 speed Transmission with TA, power steering, 3-spool live hydraulics, motor, TA, trans, brakes all very good,  sheet metal near excellent., 2pt. fast hitch,  fenders, rear weights,  14.9 rears with 65 % tread.  Hard to find a better looking or running 460 Diesel.  # 1285 SOLD

1957 Farmall 450 Diesel, older restoration sold on Ebay. #1315

1955 Farmall 400 gas tractor with power steering, independent PTO, 3 hydraulic control valves, 12 volt electric, standard drawbar, no TA, 13.6 rear tires with 40% tread. This tractor has a strong motor with good oil pressure. #1185  Traded

1957 Farmall 350 Diesel. Good running motor, working TA, 3 hydraulic valves, power steering, straight sheet metal, standard,  540 live PTO, 2 point fast hitch, lights , pulley, 13.6 rear tires with 60% tread.      #1313   SOLD

1955 Farmall 400 with total restoration. 5300 original hours on hour meter. New motor overhaul, TA overhaul with HD parts used, new clutch, NEW
gauges, battery, belts, hoses, clamps, fluids, brakes, muffler, exhaust pipe, axle seals, voltage regulator, thermostat, power steering hoses, starter and generator rebuilt, radiator boiled and
flushed. Many other new parts. Factory power steering, belt pulley, fenders, 2point fast hitch, 12 volt electric . 14.9 rear tires with 70%
tread on excellent rims.  SOLD # 1354

Farmall 450 Tractor

1957 Farmall 450 Strong running motor with low hours, new TA, new 15.5 rear tires, new gauges, working hour meter with 4700 hours, live 540 PTO, 3 spool hydraulics, power steering, new paint and all fresh fluids, a very nice 450.                        

#1254  Sold



1960 Farmall 460 Diesel. Engine overhaul, new TA, new gauges, fluids, belts, hoses, clamps, battery, seat, steering wheel, voltage regulator, Generator rebuilt, filters, many other new parts, This tractor is equipped with power steering, 2 point fast hitch, fenders, and rear weights. It’s had very good care with the same owner since new. 3900 original hours on the hour meter. 15.5 tires on the rear with 65% tread. SOLD   # 1356

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Farmall 350 Tractor

Very nice 1957 Farmall 350  #1061 SOLD

1965 Farmall 656 Click on the tractor for more pictures.    # 1347 SOLD

Farmall 350 Utility tractor

1958 International Harvester 350 Utility tractor.  #1375 Sale Pending

Restored Farmall 450 tractor

Farmall 450 #1332 SOLD

Picture of Hauler John Ux and his helper , loaded and ready to deliver Mr. Arrowood’s Super MD  to upstate PA. and Mr. Grabski’s Farmall 450 to downstate NY.

Farmall 400 Tractor

1955 Farmall 400 gas Tractor.  

#1312  SOLD

Farmall 300 Tractor

1955 Farmall 300 Extremely nice tractor.  # 1348  SOLD

1958 Farmall 130. Restored to a like new condition for Mr. Don Campbell of Knoxville , Tn.

1957 Farmall 450 4000 hours   # 1395  SOLD

1957 Farmall 350;  Older restoration    SOLD # 1414

1955 Farmall 300 New motor overhaul, new TA, new tires. # 1405  SOLD

1957 International 350 Utility O  # 1425 SOLD

Farmall 450 Diesel Tractor

Extra nice 1957 Farmall 450 Diesel.

#1360  SOLD

Farmall 200 Tractor

1955 Farmall 200  #1329 SOLD

1955 Farmall 400 gas tractor. New restoration. New engine and TA overhaul, # 1452 SOLD October 2009

1955 IH Model 300 Utility. Power steering, live pto, working TA, low hours on engine overhaul# 1469 SOLD October 2009


1958 Farmall 350 Diesel # 1364  Sale Pending

1957 Farmall 450 Diesel Tractor with low hours on engine overhaul.  It has a new TA, power steering, excellent tin, complete service, many new parts and a 2 point fast hitch. Wide front end, near new tires front and rear. Custom built flat deck with flat top fenders, and easy ride seat.  Click on the tractor for more pictures. 

# 1411  Sale Pending


1957 Farmall 450 gas  Click on the tractor for more pictures. 
# 1475  SOLD


1957 Farmall 450 gas tractor.  Click on the tractor for more pictures. #1368 SOLD


 1929 IH 1020   Click on the tractor for more pictures.  # 1463 SOLD

Farmall 450 Older restoration   Click on the tractor for more pictures. 

# 1415  Sale Pending

Farmall 230 Tractor \

Sharp, hard to find 1957 Farmall 230.   Click on the tractor for more pictures.      #1346  SOLD

For sale in California : Quite, Possibly the sharpest IH 400 in all of America. SOLD

1957 Farmall 350

# 1500   SOLD

Farmall 450

# 1415   SOLD

1957 Farmall 450 gas tractor.

# 1543  SOLD