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We meet good people in this business every day.  We do custom restorations for people of tractors that have sentimental value.  Here are a few people that have taken the time to comment on our work. 

hi dick and bob,

just wanted to let you know that the super h arrived here in fine shape, delivered by josh in good time.

the tractor is everything you said it was. good experience doing business with you.

just got the tractor back from my tire guy, new rubber all around, rears loaded, and went for a spin out around the back 100 acre pasture to get it dirty. runs sweetly, it will be a joy working with it over the years.

have had several people who know their old tractors comment on what good shape this tractor is in; well taken care of over the years, and well restored.

thanks again

david carse



July 23,2007

Dear Dick,

I wanted to take a quick minute to thank you again for all of your help with my recent purchase ofth~ D15 AC tractor. Steve (my husband) was completely surprised and t~en back whf;}n he found out about and saw the tractor. He doesn't always say much, but the look on his face said it all. I found out later that the reason he so liked the D 15 tractors was that this was the tractor he learned to drive on. His uncle had one and Steve's dad and uncle worked together with all of their farm work. His uncle would leave his D 15 at their house between fields of hay crops and Steve would take the tractor out in the evening to practice driving it so he could do the raking with the tractor. Steve wasn't sure, but at some point, his uncle traded the tractor for bigger and later models of AC's. Steve's dad had a D17, but the D15 held a special place in his heart.

Our 10 year old son, Darin, (the John Deere fan!) asked Steve how he liked the tractor. Steve said he loved it and the tractor was something that he probably would never have bought for himself (which I knew). Darin could hardly wait for Steve to start the tractor! Steve turned the key and the'tractor fired immediately and the engine purrrred like a happy kitten (and Steve's face looked like a 5 year-old at Christmas!! !).

Right now the tractor is still at my mother's house in Lincoln, MO. This week as been impossible between selling nearly 1,000 dozen sweet com at the local farmer's market (college money for the kids), mower conditioner having a major break down with 40 acres of prairie hay ready to go, 2 kids to pack for a week of church camp, 1 daughter moving into her first apartment, and major computer upgrades and proplems at the school where Steve is the technology director. He came home on Wednesday after a,particularly rough day and I asked him if he needed to go to Lincoln to have some quiet time with his tractor to help make the day better. He did think that might help. I will email you some pictures ofthe tractor and Steve as soon as we can get that done.

I want to thank you again for all of your help with this special purchase for a very special person. I would be glad to recommend you to anyone. Hopefully, I'll have pictures to send soon!


June 12, 2008

In the summer of 2007 my wife and I drove to Illinois to meet Dick Chatterton and asked him to restore our Allis Chalmers D-15 tractor.  We chose Dick because he is well known for quality workmanship. Every tractor has a story. And ours will span three generations. This tractor was purchased new from King-Lindsey Implement of Cordell, Oklahoma by my step-father. He was a good  man who landed on Omaha Beach and spent the entire WWII period in the European theatre. After the war, his only desire was to return to western Oklahoma and farm in peace the rest of his years. He farmed with the tractor for many years and the tractor served him well.  Later, in the 1980's when Penn Square Bank collapsed and the FDIC was closing two banks a week, remember?  This same D-15 had to do double and triple duty to keep our dairy operation alive until times got better.  In short, if ever a tractor deserved to be restored correctly this tractor more than earned the right.  Thus it was with care we chose Dick to restore this tractor to pass on with our farm to the next generation.

       I suggest you watch the video of the "D-15 restoration" link on Dicks' web page. It will give you an idea of how worn-out the tractor was.  However, the final result pictures do not show the great detail work.  The tractor is absolutely beautiful!  Dick did and amazing job restoring the tractor inside and out.  In closing, there are a thousand "Bubbas" out there who can slap on a coat of paint and call it a restoration.  Dick Chatterton is not that person.  If you want the job done right, if the tractor means more than a piece of steel to sit there and look pretty, I would gladly recommend this good man.  Thank you once again Dick, three generations worth.  

James Baughman
Seminole, Oklahoma