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This is a sampling of the Ford tractors that we have sold during the last 3 years and is an indication of the variety of tractors that we try to keep in inventory.  As you can see we don't always sell fully restored tractors so check us out if you are looking for a project tractor.   Click on the tractor name on the left to see the tractors that we currently have listed on the site for sale. If you don't see it, please send us an email, as we normally have 5 to 10 tractors that are not listed on the site.  We also can find tractors. 

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Updated 7/08/2018

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1953 Ford Jubilee unrestored but in good running condition.

SOLD # 1623

1957 Anniversary Edition Ferguson T035 Tractor

Rare 1957 Anniversary edition Ferguson TO35. Completely restored.

SOLD #1436

Nicely restored 1949 Ford 8n.

SOLD # 1608

1952 Ford 8n.  One owner with only 370 original hours.  

 SOLD # 1694

Beautifully restored 1957 Ford Model 641 Diesel. SOLD   # 1646

1963 Massey Ferguson Model 50

 SOLD # 2003

1959 Ford Model 861 New engine overhaul, has live hydraulics  SOLD # 1587


1953 Ford Jubilee custom restiration with chromed extras

Restored 1949 Ford 8n with 6 foot Woods finishing mower. SOLD # 1607

1952 unrestored but good running Ford 8n. 12 volt, 3pt hitch, standard 540 pto, SOLD  # 1612

1949 Oliver 77 outfitted with new tires,
new gauges & factory wiring. The engine was overhauled 150 hours ago.It has live hydraulics, new factory seat & steering wheel & lights.
  SOLD       # 1623

Case Model 500 in restored condition

SOLD # 1583

1949 Ford 8N, New paint, tires 80%, overall condition, excellent, high low transmission.

1946 Ford 2N.  Hi/Lo transmission, 12volt, over running clutch on 5' bush hog.  Sold summer 2002.

Ford 8n with 6foot rear blade. 52 Model with side distributor, 25hp 4cyl. engine,4spd trans, PTO, 3pt hitch. Looks its age but runs great.
   Click on tractor for more pictures. Sold on Ebay Feb 2003

1950 Ford 8n superior step in full hydraulic loader.   Sold in August 2002 to Greg Bradford from Goodhope Il.

1952 Ford 8n tractor with several useful implements.  3point Ford Dearborn post hole digger with 9" auger, a 5 foot pull type adjustable cutting disk,  a 3point 36 inch rear dirt scoop,  Ford Dearborn trip loader (bucket is bent) ,  and a 3point  6-foot rear adjustable scrape blade.  Click on the tractor for pictures of all the implements.    Sold on Ebay April 2003


  1952 Ford 8n hi/lo Transmission, front bumper, 3 point hitch with rear draw bar, hour meter.  Very good condition.  Sold 2003


1949 Ford 8n good sheet metal, paint and tires. 12.4x28 tires. very good condition.  Sold 2003

1952 Ford 8n with hi/lo transmission and very good 12.4 x 28 rear tires (85%). This tractor  runs good, doesn't smoke and has a good PTO and 3pt hitch. Sold 2003

Dennis and Gail Nickle from Fredericktown, MO. picked up their 1952 Ford 8n and equip. It has a  4 cylinder 25 hp gas motor with side distributor, 12 volt charging system and 4-speed transmission.  It has a 3-point hitch to attach implements and PTO (power take off) to run a mower, post hole auger, roto tiller or other powered implement.  It has good sheet metal and tires.  This tractor is in very good running condition Sold March 2004

1970 Ford 2000 with 38 hp gas engine.  It has hi/lo transmission, power steering, live lift, 1500 original hours, comes with all hyd. front end loader, 5 foot heavy duty bush hog with new blades, and 6 foot heavy duty adjustable rear scrape blade.  A hard to find estate tractor in excellent condition.  Sold March 2004

1949 Ford 8n good running tractor with 3pt, PTO, 4 speed transmission with hi/lo, tires are okay with 50% tread, includes  Dearborn trip loader.  SOLD

1953 Ford Jubilee with 32 hp gas engine.  This tractor has live lift, PTO, 3pt hitch, 4spd. trans with hi/lo shift, power steering, easy ride seat and safety flasher lights.  It has excellent tires, equipped with all hyd front end loader.    Sold April 2004

One owner 1949 Ford 8n tractor with hi/lo transmission, over running PTO clutch, good running engine, straight sheet metal, tires with 55% tread, comes with the original owners manual, and Ford tool wrench.  SOLD Mar 2005

1953 Ford Golden Jubilee 32 hp, 134 gas engine with live lift, 3pt. hitch and 540 pto. This tractor has a 4 speed transmission and good sheet metal, nice paint, tires are 50% tread. SOLD Mar 05

SOLD May 2005 -1952 Ford 8n tractor good paint, near new 11.2 X 28 rear tires, 600X 16 flotation front tires, 3pt hitch, 540 PTO, 4 speed transmission and  good brakes.  Engine starts and runs good with very good oil pressure and no smoke.

1958 Ford 800 with 5spd. trans, power
steering, 14X24 rear tires, 12volt electric, with Ford all hydraulic loader , 5 foot bucket, could use new paint but runs great.  Sold fast May 2005

1951 Ford 8n with side distributor, 12volt, lights, front bumper. 12.4 rear tires with 75%tread.  Engine has good oil pressure, runs great, strong 3pt, comes with 3pt post hole digger with 12in. auger, 2 bottom 3pt 14in. plow, 3pt bush hog, 8 foot 3pt cutting disk. Sold on Ebay

Jason Hartley from Macon, Illinois taking delivery of his MF 35 with bush hog in the pickup.    SOLD

  Our Current Ebay Auctions

1952 Ford 8N tractor with implements.  This tractor has been converted to 12 volt and has the side distributor.  The engine starts good and runs good.  The tractor has 3PT hitch, 540 PTO and 4 speed transmission.  It has excellent tires with 85% of the original tread. Sold Sept 2005

Massey Ferguson 65 with 40 hp gas engine.  This tractor has power steering, 540 live PTO, 3  speed  transmission with hi/lo gears.  Spin out wheels, front bumper, one rear tire near new, available with bush hog or rear scrape blade.  SOLD 2005

1953 Ford Jubilee. 134 cu. in. 4cyl. Gas engine, 4speed transmission, std. PTO, 3pt hitch with drawbar, very good tires 12 volt electric and excellent sheet metal.   Not restored but a very smooth running Jubilee.  Sold              #1221

1949 Ford 8n with Woods finish mower.  SOLD 2006

# 1205

Click to watch the  Ford 8n Video

1950 Ford 8n, side distributor, 4 speed transmission, 3pt lift, 540 PTO, near new tires, new paint, new piston rings, front bumper. A very sharp  8n ford.        SOLD 2006  #1210

Totally restored one owner 1952 Ford 8n new engine overhaul, new paint, original 6volt, tool box, tow bar bumper, temp gauge, 11.2 x 28 rears with 80 % tread, 400 X 19 fronts. One of the nicest 52's around Click on the tractor for more pictures.  SOLD   8n Ford Video

1960 Ford 641 with all hydraulic front end loader.
Un-restored but in very good running condition. Live hydraulics, 3pt hitch, power steering, 540 rpm PTO, 12volt electric, good tires with 60% tread. 
It's equipped with the ever popular 12 speed transmission (also called the Sherman over and under)  Click on the tractor for more pictures.  #1148  SOLD

1962 Ford 2000 4cyl gas engine, 35hp, power steering, live pto, live lift, 5spd. Trans, nearly new tires, full hyd. Ford front end loader. Very nice running unit.   SOLD

1947 Ford 2n tractor.  This tractor has a 4 cylinder gas engine rated at 25 hp.   Standard transmission with PTO, 3 point hitch, 12volt electric.  The tractor needs detailing and paint, but runs great.  We are also including 3 pieces of equipment which if purchased separately would run almost $800.  Included is a 48 in 3pt hitch Woods finishing (grooming) mower with four adjustable caster wheels, an 8 foot double cut adjustable 3pt hitch disk (2 broken blades) and a 2 bottom X 14 inch 3pt hitch fully mounted plow. SOLD

Rare 1949 Case Model SC. 4cyl. Gas engine,4 speed Transmission with hand clutch, standard 540 PTO.  Rear lift with 2 way hydraulic cylinder. Near perfect sheet metal, excellent paint, 6volt electric. All gauges working. 12.4 X 38 rear tires with 60% tread. Starts and runs like new.  Sold at the August Auction  #1234

1952 Ford 8n with side distributor.  This tractor starts easy and runs great, has good oil pressure, will smoke a little (on occasion) Good = sheet metal, brakes, transmission, ,3point lift and charging system. Has front bumper, lights, drawbar and toolbox. Tires are 80% on excellent rims.  Comes with a 5 foot 3point bush hog in good working condition,  3 point rear material  trip bucket for moving dirt, gravel, sand etc., and a 6 foot 3point adjustable rear scrape blade. 

SOLD 2007 #1207

1949 Ford 8n with four pieces of equipment. Good running 8n with std. 4spd. Trans, 540 PTO , 3 point hitch, engine has good oil pressure, starts and runs well with original 6volt electric system, tires are good to very good condition.  Equipment includes Ford Dearborn front end loader with front pump drive, all attaching parts included, 7 foot Ford Dearborn tandem 3pt disk (two broken blades) works well, 5 foot 3pt BMB bush hog with good gear box and blades (shear bolt protected), Ford 6 foot 3pt adjustable rear scrape blade.   #1249

SOLD 2007

A beautiful 1949 Ford 8n SOLD  #1362

Ford model 851 45 hp, 5speed.   SOLD  #1208

1963 Ford 4000 un-restored  SOLD # 1390

1951 Ford 8n.  SOLD # 1506