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John Deere tractors that we have sold since we started the web site in 2001.   As you can see we don't always sell fully restored tractors so check us out if you are looking for a project tractor.  Click on the tractor name on the left to see the tractors that we currently have listed on the site for sale. If you don't see it, please send us an email, as we normally have 5 to 10 tractors that are not listed on the site.  We also can find tractors.

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Updated 4/24/2020 with another sale


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  Our Current Ebay Auctions


 Our Current Ebay Auctions !!

Nicely restored JD 720 electric start Diesel. Strong running motor, power steering, wide front axle, 3pt hitch, good tires and sheet metal.# 1580

1970 John Deere model 2520 gas tractor. # 1591

John Deere M tractor  

#1413   SOLD

 One John Deere M and one John Deere MT.  

# 1385 SOLD

1976 JD 4430

# 1509  SOLD

Super Sharp 1952 John Deere Model B  

 #1384   SOLD

JD 3020 gas, wide front, 3 pt hitch, new paint, new engine, tires 75%, overall excellent.  

Updated 5/21/2002


Very nice 1960 John Deere 430 Tractor, Serial #160068. One owner tractor with 2900 original hours, 3pt. Hitch, power steering. Excellent in every way.  Sold in 2002 on Ebay.  

Very nice 1967 JD 2020 Gas tractor with JD #47 loader sold to Mike Strode from Table Grove IL.  Sold August 2002.

1965 JD 3020 gas, Factory wide front, 3 point hitch, 15.5 tires, used daily on the farm very good condition.  Sold November 2002.

1968 JD 1020 Diesel. 3cyl, 38hp. 8spd. trans, power steering, diff. lock, 80% 16.9x28 tires.
Nearly new JD #520 qt. loader. The tractor was originally used on the JD Spreader works Farm. Excellent in every way. SOLD JAN 2003.


1971 John Deere 4020 gas, serial # 253512, factory wide front, dual hydraulic outlets, synco transmission, 3 point hitch, new paint, new tires, recent complete overhaul, original 3500 actual hours.  Stored inside.  Includes front and rear weights.  Operators manual included.   Click on the image for additional pictures. SOLD March 2003.

1970 JD 1520 gas utility SN # 110945.  3cyl., 45Hp engine.  4300 one owner hours.  8 speed transmission with dash controlled shuttle shift, 2 remotes, comes with JD #48 loader with 84 inch bucket and 7' reversible scraper blade.   This was an excellent 1 owner tractor.  Click on the tractor for additional pictures. Sold March 2003

1967 John Deere Model 2020 Utility. 50 hp, 4 cyl. gas, new paint, power steering, 3pt hitch, 2 remotes, diff lock, excellent sheet metal, motor, transmission, and rear end, 90% 14,9 rear tires, nearly new fronts, with JD all hydraulic loader with 6 foot bucket.    Sold September 2003

1975 John Deere 1530 Diesel, 40 hp, 3 cyl, engine, power steering, diff lock, low hours, new 14.9 rear tires, 11Lx16 front flotation tires, comes with JD #145 front end loader and 8 Foot material bucket, outstanding condition.  We have owned this tractor for past 11 years.  Very well maintained.  Sold October 2003

The Tom Perjak family from southern Illinois picking up their 1959 JD 630.  This tractor had new paint, power steering, factory 3pt. hitch 80% 13.6 rear tires, fenders, excellent sheet metal with 3100 original one owner hours. One of the sharpest 2 cylinders left. SOLD Aug 2004

JD 3020 Gas, power shift transmission, 3pt hitch, hydraulic outlet, roll-a-matic front end, fenders with lights, 16.9 X 34 rear tires with 70% tread, very nice tractor.  SOLD Mar 2005

1964 4020 Gas with 4600 original hours, synco trans, dual PTO, 3pt hitch, 18.4 X 34 radial tires with 60% tread,  with JD #48 hydraulic loader  (66 inch material bucket).  Sold Feb 2005

John Deere Model 730 50 hours on new engine overhaul, power steering, fenders with working lights, factory 3pt hitch, remote outlet, hydraulic cylinder and top link, 15.5 rears with excellent tread, paint nearly new.  Click on the tractor for more pictures.  Sold October 2005

1961 JD 3010 gas engine, 60 horse power, power steering, snychro range 8 speed trans-mission, live PTO, 3pt hitch, roll-o-matic front end, lights, fenders, new paint, engine runs like new, transmission shifts easy, power brakes, many new parts.


1967 John Deere 3020 gas engine, 8 spd. Synchro Range trans, ps, pb, dual speed live pto, 3pt hitch, 300 hours on engine, diff. lock, 15.5 X 38 rears with 70% tread, good paint and sheet metal. An excellent Farm/Estate tractor.   SOLD

1959 John Deere model 630 with power steering, flat top fenders, roll-o-matic front end, new tires, near new paint.  Sold at the August Auction   #1209

John Deere Model 4020 Tractor

1966 JD 4020 Gas Looks and runs like new. New engine OH, fresh paint, near new 18.4 x 34 Good Year Dyna Torque II rears tires, 16 inch front tires, Syncro range transmission, power steering, 2 hydraulic remotes, wide front, 3pt hitch and original top link.  Video of  this Tractor    #1067 SOLD

1959 JD 530 rare single front, excellent motor and trans, power steering, factory 3pt hitch , superb paint, original 12.4 X 38 rear tires.  # 1144  SOLD


John Deere model 3010 Tractor

JD 3010 4 cylinder gas , one owner with 4300 original hours, 540 PTO, perfect tin, original paint, like new tires, well cared for and maintained.   SOLD             #1303

John Deere 2040 Diesel Tractor with Loader

1981 JD 2040 3cyl. Diesel, 40hp, power steering, 8speed transmission with differential lock.  Live 540 PTO, rear remote valve, low hours, ROPS canopy, seat belt,  8 ply 7.50 x 16in front tires, 14.9 x 28 rears with 75% tread.   Comes with JD #145 loader, with a 60 inch material bucket, and standard 3pt hitch with original top link and drawbar.  Also comes with JD scrape blade.   Very nice low hour JD tractor.  # 1084  SOLD

 Our Current Ebay Auctions !!  

Super Nice 1951 JD Model B Excellent tin, original 6volt, easy start, lights, 6spd. Trans, hydraulics, many new parts, new tires all around.  SOLD    #1350

Original ladies John Deere 36 inch 3 speed. Bicycle. Rode very little. Near new condition
  #1227  SOLD

Just in time for Christmas. John Deere wagon on steel and John Deere  530 tractor. Can be sold as a unit or will separate. Ideal for displays, parades, a great eye catcher!  SOLD     # 1307


John Deere 2040 Tractor

Steve Fuhler (on the right) and his cousin Chris ready to head home to the St. Louis area with Steve’s newly purchased JD 2040    SOLD    #1327

John Deere model 3020 Tractor with Loader

1964 JD 3020 Good strong motor, 3pt hitch, SOLD

John Deere 4020 tractor

1966 JD 4020 Sharp, smooth running, excellent 90 horse power tractor.  Sold

1959 JD 630   # 1393 SOLD

1971 JD 4020 Wheatland. 6000 original hours # 1392 SOLD

1961 JD 3010 #1345 Sale Pending

1950 JD MT # 1446  SOLD

John Deere 2020 tractor with Model 47 hydraulic loader

1966 John Deere 2020 with a Model 47 John Deere Hydraulic loader with 72 inch bucket.# 1374  SOLD


1965 JD 3020 Diesel with M&W turbo charger. # 1412   SOLD

1958 JD Model 530. Older restoration in excellent to outstanding condition.  

# 1416  SOLD

1951 JD Model A with new engine overhaul, 12 volt electric, hydraulics, very nice sheet metal, good rubber all around.  Click on the picture for side and rear views. # 1471  SOLD

1950 JD B Electric start  Click on the picture for side and rear views.   SOLD

# 1476