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This is a listing of the Allis Chalmers tractors that we have sold and is an indication of the variety of tractors that we try to keep in inventory.  As you can see we don't always sell fully restored tractors so check us out if you are looking for a project tractor.  We don't always we get every tractor listed on the web site so some tractors so the web site does not represent every tractor that we have available.  Click on the tractor name on the left to see the tractors that we currently have listed on the site for sale. If you don't see it, please send us an email, as we normally have 5 to 10 tractors that are not listed on the site.  We also can find tractors.

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Allis D-15 Restoration

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 Our Current Ebay Auctions !!


One owner 1967 AC D17 Series IV.
# 1688  SOLD

 The sharpest AC WD45 we've ever had to offer. Completely restored front to rear top to bottom. Complete engine overhaul, clutch, transmission, radiator, 12 volt electrical system. All new hoses, belts, fluids, gauges, seals and gaskets. New tires all around, numerous other parts. Comes equipped with wide front axle, factory power steering, snap coupler hitch, original owners manual, spin/out rear wheel tool kit and hot weather umbrella installed.  Click on the tractor for more pictures.

# 1663   SOLD

Mr and Mrs Bryan Sharp and Mr and Mrs Clint Galbraith stopped by for a visit and tour of Chats Tractors. All the way from Rexburg, Idaho. Bought some AC equipment to take back West. AC G and a snap coupler rear scrape blade for their AC WD45

  1965 AC D17 Series IV gas tractor. Wide front axle,
power steering, factory 3pt hitch, 4 speed transmission
with hi/lo shift, standard 540 pto, 12 volt electrical
system # 1609

1964 AC D15 gas tractor. One owner and well cared
for. 45 horse power, live pto with 4speed transmission and
hi/lo on the go shift.
  SOLD      #  1595

 Very nice looking, smooth running original one owner
1963 AC Model D15 series II 45 horse power tractor. Comes with drawbar and 6 foot adjustable rear snap
coupler scrape blade.

  SOLD  # 1588

1956 AC WD45. Older restoration, with factory wide front, factory power steering, 12 volt electrical # 1525  SOLD

 Fully restored AC Model G with
plow and cultivator.  SOLD

#  1576

1964 AC D17 Series IV, Good running work tractor. 54 horse power, 4 cylinder gas engine with 4 speed transmission with hy/lo shift. Power steering, factory 3 point hitch,   # 1502  SOLD

Very sharp 1957 Allis WD 45 gas tractor.   # 1171  SOLD

1957 AC D14 parade ready  New engine overhaul, new clutch      # 1409

1953 Allis Chalmers WD.   This is a 35 horse power tractor. Good running motor.Comes with 6 foot 3 point hitch bush hog.   # 1444  SOLD 2011

1966 AC D17 Series IV   

 #1477  SOLD

1950 Allis WD     #1481  SOLD

AC Model 160 Diesel tractor with only 1460 hours.  # 1499  SOLD

1964 Series III Allis Chalmers D17.     #1370 SOLD

1953 WD Factory wide front, PS, heavy duty 3 point hitch, new  engine overhaul, new paint, 90% 13.6 tires, front and rear wheel weights, optional tilt seat with back rest, 12 volt conversion, s/# 132512 overall excellent condition.

1955 WD 45 ser # 199853 Allis Chalmers with flotation tires and loader.  Factory wide front, 18.4 flotation tires, good sheet metal, runs good with AC round tube loader.

Our Current Ebay Auctions !!


1958 AC D14 s# 13263, Wide front, 3 point hitch, Straight sheet metal, tires 60%,  excellent mechanical condition.   Original paint.

Mr. Jim Blackburn from Western Ill looks like he was able to make a good deal on this 1964 Series 2 AC D15.

This Allis Chalmers D14 is headed to Southern Indiana to be put to work.


1966 Allis Chalmers -  D15 serial # 21482  Series 2, power steering, factory 3 pt hitch.  New tires.  Over all condition excellent. Wide front. Sold July 2002.


1955 AC WD-45 serial #221161.  Smokes a little when first  started. 4 speed transmission with live lift and independent PTO.  Trans. and tires are good.  Left spin out is frozen in out position.  Sheet metal is very good but a little rust on fenders. Sold in 2002 on Ebay  Praise : Great people to deal with tractor was better than expected would buy from again

1956 AC WD45 narrow front, new paint, excellent sheet metal , snap coupler tires 40%. Very Good Condition. SOLD SEPTEMBER 2002 

1966 AC D15 Series 2.  45hp, 4cyl, gas engine with power steering, Factory 3point hitch, new paint, hi/lo transmission, live PTO, 90% tires, spin out wheels.  It has an AC #170 all hydraulic loader with 5'6" bucket and a 6' King Kutter scraper blade.  SOLD February 2003

1956 WD45 serial number 219906.  Factory wide front, new paint, tilt seat, 12volt.  Includes AC #17 loader.  $3450.  Click on the picture for 4 close up shots of this fine tractor. SOLD

Allis Chalmers WD45 45hp, Factory wide front, 13.6x28 tires. Very Good Condition. Sold March 2003.

Pair of WD 45 gas project tractors. 1 NF and 1 WF  Both tractors have power steering,  These tractors were sold “as is”. Sold March 2003.

1953 Allis Chalmers WD45 tractor. Serial#151174,  4cylinder, 226 cubic inch, gas engine,4 speed transmission, live lift, IPTO, factory wide front, factory, power steering,. 12volt, snap coupler hitch, with 3point. available, good tires and sheet metal with some rust on
fenders. SOLD May 2003

WD45 gas SN# 151174 45hp, live lift, indep, PTO, Factory wide front with no welds, power steering, excellent sheet metal, 60% tread on tires, runs well, comes with Allis trip loader and Snap Coupler hitch.    Sold June 2003.

6 foot Allis Snap Coupler rear blade in excellent condition.  Sold

Mr Roland Grafton from Central Michigan poses with his 1954 Allis Chalmers, WD 45, s# 165145, factory front, PS, new paint, overall condition excellent.   Sold July 2003.


1966 AC Series 2 D15 4 cyl. gas tractor. 4spd. trans, with hi/lo shift, live lift and independent pto, 2500 actual hours, sheet metal ex., condition,  tires are 85%, 3-pt. hitch SOLD August 2003

Mr. Leon Sherwood of Lewistown, Il. purchased this one owner Allis Chalmers WD 45. Sold August 2003.


1976 Allis 185 Diesel, power stg, wide front, 3pt hitch, dual hydraulic outlets, starts and runs like new, comes with HD GT front end loader with 60 inch bucket. One new rear 18.4 tire the other has 85% tread. Sold November 2003


1959 Minneapolis Moline Jetstar. 4 cly. gas engine, 540 independent PTO, power steering, factory wide front, 3pt hitch, dual rear hyd. outlets, spinout wheels, 5spd. transmission with ampli-torc shift, 14.9x28 tires, with 60% tread, one owner tractor.  Sold Feb 2004

AC snap coupler deep rip subsoiler

1958 AC D14 tractor 35hp, power steering, 4 speed trans. with high/low shift. live lift and PTO, tires are 60%.         SOLD May 2004.

1957 D14  30hp, 4cyl. gas engine, wide front, power steering, factory 3pt. hitch, 4spd, trans with on the go hi/lo shift, tires are 90%, sheet metal is near perfect, live PTO and lift, very low hours.  Sold June 2004

1957 WD 45 wide front, power steering, live PTO, and lift, excellent paint, good motor and transmission.  Tires are 65%, tractor is fitted with a #150 Allis all hydraulic loader, twin cylinders on the bucket. This is the last year the WD 45's were made. Hard to find.  SOLD 2004

1962 AC D15 with power steering, wide front, 3pt hitch, spin out wheels, hi/lo trans., good sheet metal. tires 60%, strong motor, no oil leaks, full hydraulic AC loader with 60 inch material bucket. SOLD 2004

1956 Allis WD45 Factory wide front, power steering. 3pt hitch, 75% rear tires. Excellent one owner tractor. Equipment available.  SOLD 2004

1965 D15 series II.  Took this tractor on  trade with new tires, power steering, 3 point hitch. Sheet metal was excellent so we cleaned it up and put a fresh coat of paint.  Motor, transmission, hi/lo rear end, all in very good working order. SOLD 2004

1949 Allis model G, very good condition, has Wisconsin V-4 air cooled engine, Belt pulley and hydraulic control valve. Ready for show or use.

Allis Scrape blade  SOLD

1949 AC WD. Good running tractor with straight sheet metal, 12 volt electric, PTO, live hydraulics, good rims, tires with 40% tread, ac wide front, Allis loader with adjustable front blade and material bucket included, also included is an adjustable 6-foot Allis rear scrape blade. SOLD Feb 2005

1966 Allis D17 series IV gas tractor, power steering, wide front, fact 3pt hitch, hi/lo shift with 4spd trans. Runs great, needs final coat of paint and decals.  SOLD Feb 2005

SOLD Apr 2005 1966 AC D15 Series II gas tractor. 4 speed transmission with hy/lo shift, power steering, wide front, 3pt. hitch, good tires front and rear, full hydraulic loader with 48 inch bucket. Nice running 45 hp. tractor.

 1954 AC WD 45 serial # 169942.  Excellent engine and transmission, good oil pressure, sheet metal very nice, factory wide front, power steering, live lift, Independent PTO 3pt. hitch, 12 volt electric, new paint. tires are 60% tread.  SOLD June 2005

AC WD45 Diesel tractor has had only 2 owners and the previous owner had the tractor for 35 years.  This tractor has factory wide front, snap coupler hitch, good motor and transmission.  Excellent tin.  This tractor needs tires, paint and gauges. Sold

1962 AC D15 , runs like new, wide front, power steering, 3pt hitch,  transmission with hi/lo shift, 14.9 X 26 tires with 75% tread.    Click on the tractor for more pictures. SOLD Oct. 2005


Allis Chalmers WD45. This one owner Allis is excellent in every way and comes with factory power steering,  new tires all around, perfect tin, and the original 6volt electric.  This tractor has very low hour use and was very well maintained prior to the restoration.    #1230     Sold

1956 Allis Chalmers WD 45 6 cylinder Diesel. Complete engine and injection overhaul.  This tractor has factory wide front, factory power steering.  It has a hand and foot clutch, 12 volt electric with working lights.   New prime and paint, std. 540 PTO, snap coupler hitch system, standard 4 speed transmission. It has an intake preheater for easier starting, excellent tires(14.9 x 28), spin out rims and rear wheel weights. SOLD            #1191

1965 Allis Series II D15 45 hp. Gas engine, 4speed transmission, with hi/lo shift, live lift and live PTO, power steering, 3pt hitch, comes equipped with an Allis #170 front-end loader. Un-restored but a good running tractor.  SOLD #1219


1949 Allis Chalmers  WD, strong motor, (recent overhaul), good trans, clutch, standard 540 PTO, live lift, 80% tread on tires, 12 volt electric , 3 point hitch available.  Sold at the August Auction  #1271

1955 Allis Chalmers WD 45 gas tractor with 45 horse power, factory wide front, standard 4speed Transmission with hand and foot clutch, 12 volt electric, 540 PTO, snap coupler hitch, 13.6 rear tires with 65% tread, tractor runs good but needs restored.  Sold at the August Auction    # 1192

CA Allis with Woods 60 inch mid mount mower. Tractor has wide front, 4 speed Transmission with foot and hand clutch (live PTO), 6 volt electric start, hydraulics.  A very nice mowing tractor.  Sold at the August Auction   #1248 

Allis Chalmers B - 1948 model with 12 volt electric start and lights, mechanical lift, foot brakes, adjustable wide front end. Engine not running.  SOLD #1178

Allis Chalmers  - B 1938 model.  This was the first year of production, low serial number, hand crank, hand brakes, mechanical lift with fixed wide front axle.  Engine not running.  SOLD  #1179 

1959 AC D14 power steering, factory wide front, hi/lo shift, good motor and transmission, drawbar with snap coupler hitch, straight tin, 12 volt electric, 13.6 X 26 rears with 60% tread. Comes with all hydraulic loader with 60 inch wide material bucket.  SOLD  #1293

1963 AC D17 in very good condition 54 horse power, good motor and 4 speed transmission with hi/lo shift.  Live lift and PTO, 3 point hitch , power steering, wide front, excellent tires front and rear, 12 volt electric system, ready for immediate delivery.      SOLD       #1275

1966 Allis D15 Series II  Excellent in every way. wide front, power steering, factory 3pt. hitch, new paint with fenders.,  Recent engine over haul, the sharpest D15 we ever owned.     SOLD       #1129

Allis WD45 Diesel- One of the nicest 45 Diesels you'll find, Very good sheet metal, tight trans, low engine hours, original snap coupler hitch, factory wide front, 14.9 tires with 70% tread. Good oil pressure, no smoke, has engine manifold pre-heater for easy starting.      SOLD    #1128

1955 AC WD45 Factory wide front , factory power steering, new tires, excellent sheet metal, 3-point hitch. SOLD   #1288

AC D17 gas tractor. Power steering, 4 speed transmission with on the go hi/lo shift. Live PTO, 3 point hitch, (also has the original snap coupler hitch) 90 % tires on the rear. Not restored but a very good work horse.  SOLD 2007   # 1225

1966 AC D17 Series IV. 4 Cyl. Gas engine with 52 horse power, 4 speed trans, with hi/lo on the go shift. Power steering, factory wide front, factory HD 3pt Cat II hitch, 2 sets or remotes, original top link, 12 volt electric, straight tin, 90% tread on 16,9 X 28 rear tires on adjustable rims.                   # 1333  SOLD 2007

1965 AC Series II D15 with factory wide front, factory power steering, factory 3 point hitch, strong running motor with good trans and hi/lo shift and less than 3000 original hours. 12volt electric.  Tin is excellent with near new paint, tires are 75%, Very sharp D15 .  SOLD 2007     #1323

WD 45 parts tractor for sale. Including, rear end, transmission, bell housing, rear wheels and tires, front pedestal, and other minor parts.  #1228 SOLD

1966 Series IV Allis D17 wide front with power steering, factory 3 point hitch, good motor, transmission and hi/lo. Sheet metal is near perfect, 80% tread on rear 16.9 tires, fronts are nearly new, spin out rims are excellent with absolutely no rust.  6500 original (easy) hours with tachometer and all gauges working.   SOLD   #1236

D17 4cyl. Gas with 52 horse power.     4 speed Transmission with hi/lo on the go shift.  Wide front, power steering, live pto, live snap coupler lift, new tires all the way around with front and rear wheel weights.   SOLD      #1240

1955 AC WD45 Diesel.  This is a project tractor and has Diesel 6 cylinder engine, 4 speed trans-mission with hand and foot clutches.   Tractor was sold on Ebay.   #1358

1955 AC WD45 Diesel. 6 cylinder engine, starts easy and runs well. Older restoration with factory wide front.    SOLD  # 1361

1966 Allis Chalmers D15 Series 2 loader tractor.  45hp, 4cylinder gas engine with power steering, Factory 3point hitch, new paint, hi/lo transmission, live PTO, 90% tires, spin out wheels, with AC #170 all hydraulic loader with 5'6" bucket     SOLD  #1211

1966 AC D17 Series IV gas tractor. Complete restoration. New engine overhaul, tires all around, water pump, radiator, muffler, hoses, belts, clamps, fluids, hour meter, rebuilt generator, carburetor, power steering unit, front end (new bushings). Transmission and final drives were checked out and needed parts replaced. Tractor comes equipped with factory power steering, factory wide front, factory HD 3pt hitch with top link. Four speed transmission with hi/lo on the go shift. Side console controls. Sheet metal is near perfect.   SOLD    # 1359

Un-restored 1955 Allis Chalmers WD-45 Diesel tractor.  Sold this tractor on Ebay # 1376

One owner AC WD-45 tractor from the Quincy Illinois area.  Low hours on engine overhaul. Tight transmission and rear-end.  Factory wide front with factory power steering, original snap coupler hitch.    # 1349  SOLD

1956 AC WD45 Diesel Sold

 Sold this tractor on Ebay

Allis Chalmers WD-45 and WD Gas Parts Tractors.

1959 AC D14 power steering, factory wide front, Hydr. loader # 1328  SOLD

1958 AC D14 Original, good running tractor  # 1408 SOLD


Restored Allis Series II D15. Power steering, wide front axle, Motor and transmission rework

#  1437  SOLD

1966 AC D17 Series IV gas engine.  Un-restored but good running

SOLD  # 1451


1957 Allis Chalmers WD 45.     Click on the tractor for more pictures.  SOLD


Allis Chalmers D17 Series IV with factory 3 point hitch.    Click on the tractor for more pictures.  # 1427  SOLD