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Plows, loaders, tool boxes and everything in between that we have sold off the web site. Bob is always on the lookout at auctions and farm sales so you can never know what we will have listed.  As you can see we don't always sell fully restored tractors or implements so check us out if you are looking for an implement or accessory to dress up your tractor.  We don't always we get every implement listed on the web site.   If you don't see it, please send us an email, as we normally have plows, scrape blades, weights, seats and everything in between.  We have a couple items on Ebay this week.  Our Current Ebay Auctions

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Updated on 4/07/2020





 Our Current Ebay Auctions !!




8 foot pull type disk harrow.

#1380  SOLD

Pull Disk

# 1625  SOLD

John Deere model 900 12 foot 15 shank Cultivator. 

# 1658  SOLD

New Idea Model 270 Conditioner     

#1670  SOLD

Brillion 5 1/2 foot heavy duty pull behind bush hog.       

#1485  SOLD


12 foot wide  2 point IH fast hitch field cultivator

#1417  SOLD

Several nice pull type and 3 point hitch bush hogs.

#1387  SOLD


IH 2001 Loader off of a 350 utility tractor. 

# 1637  SOLD

14 foot harrow/gator in good condition.

#1671  SOLD

Restyled 2pt/3pt (quick hitch) adapter.

#1493  SOLD


Bolt on rear hitch lift for a Cub Farmall. 

#1528   SOLD

glow plugs for the 460 and 560 Diesels.

#  1570  SOLD

Double wide seat

# 1604  SOLD

IH 2000 Loader off of a 350 utility tractor.  Click on the image for larger pictures.  #1636 SOLD

Custom cover Ford 8n.

# 1589 SOLD

JD model #55 three bottom 14 inch hydraulic lift plow. Has good shears, bottoms and cutters. Ready for the field or parade.  # 1649 SOLD

IH Model #411 -- 4 bottom 14 inch plow in good condition.  #1512 SOLD

Restored 3 bottom #8 IH Plow. This is a  14 inch plow
which can be used as either a trip lift or raised and
lowered with a hydraulic cylinder. Field ready.  #  1572  SOLD

John Deere 2 bottom 14 inch trip lift plow field ready with good shares, cutters and bottoms. #1660 SOLD

John Deere model #55 three bottom 14 inch hydraulic lift plow. Has good shears, bottoms and cutters. Ready for the field or parade  # 1649  SOLD

IH #710 3 bottom 14 inch 3point semi/mount plow with good bottoms and coulters.  .       # 1397 SOLD

Hard to find JD 2 bottom 12 inch #30 3point plow. Very good condition, with new style throw-away shares, land side adjustable gauge wheel.   #1326  SOLD

Painted John Deere  2 bottom pull plow on steel.       #1027  SOLD

Old John Deere  2 row planter on steel

#1043 SOLD

Chats now is offering spoked wheels for old wagon gears. (Gives the look of bygone days) The wheels come in 15 inch diameter with either a 4 bolt or 5 bolt hub pattern.  # 1522

A pair of matching 14.9 X 28 Cooper tires mounted
on 28 inch spin/out rims.

# 1634 SOLD

Allis Chalmers Forage Harvester 

#1194 SOLD

1940-1950 era John Deere Model 290 corn planter.

# 1494  SOLD

JD 2bottom 14 inch trip plow on steel from the 1930s.

# 1423  SOLD

Good set of rear tire chains off of AC D17. SOLD  #1598

A restored original, authentic, "Bennett Gas Pump" with island, light pole and working light.

#1510  SOLD

Rare, JD 5 foot adjustable horse drawn dirt scraper  SOLD # 1624

1974  AC Roto Baler.  SOLD  #1648

Used 42 inch mower deck off of Farmall Cub  SOLD     # 1498

John Deere  2 X 12 pull plow with hydraulic lift.  SOLD  #1489


Restored 2 bottom #8 IH Plow with spoke wheels.SOLD # 1573

Antique IH McCormick manure spreader.   SOLD #1430

1974  AC Roto Baler.  SOLD   # 1648

Allis loader removed from a Series IV D17 Tractor 

# 1638 SOLD

Dick is sold his Golf Cart. Smooth running, electric Club Cab Golf Cart. Perfect for tractor shows #1552 SOLD

Oliver 3 bottom pull type hydraulic 14 inch radex plow in excellent condition  SOLD


IH Model #70 4 bottom 14 inch hydraulic pull plow. Very good condition with cover boards, good shares, moldboards, and cutters.  # 1602  SOLD

IH Model M 10 foot grain drill with grass seed attachment. Hydraulic lift . Comes with original operators manual.  Needs minor repair.  SOLD


One owner Massey Harris Clipper pull type combine. 6 foot header, swing out pull hitch for pulling wagon along side. Hydraulic control header, needs canvas drapper and  three reel batts to make field ready. Original operators manual included. # 1204  SOLD

8 foot wide cat II 3-point scrape blade. Fully adjustable at all angles. #1590 SOLD

IH 4 bottom 14 inch semi mount plow

#1488 SOLD

Factory Allis Chalmer WD-45 wide front

Factory 4 bolt wide front axle assembly for Allis Chalmers WD45 Diesel tractor. 

# 1373

Two row AC snap coupler rear mount cultivator  SOLD      #1341

A pair of rear 38 inch pressed steel rear wheels and tires on 8 bolt axle mounted dual hubs to fit Farmall Ms.     Sale Pending   # 1466

John Deere Model 66 trail type 3 bottom X 14 hydraulic plow.       

# 1428 SOLD

New Idea hay loader from the past.



IH  #311 -- 3 bottom 14 inch plow

#1514  SOLD

 #10 AC snap coupler post hole digger.

#1505  SOLD

IH Model 2000 loader

SOLD   #1511

Heavy duty 9 foot scrape blade. 

#1486 SOLD

Older model John Deere 3bottom 14 inch hydraulic pull plow.
#1458 SOLD

9 foot wide Kewanee wheel disk.

# 1443 SOLD

IH 2 bottom 14 inch. Pull trip plow.

 # 1450 SOLD

2 bottom  # 8 trip plow.

#1173 SOLD

IH 150 Bu. flare box hydraulic dump wagon with removable hinged rear door and sliding tail gate. Excellent condition. SOLD


IH frame mounted tool box for use on any Farmall H and M through Farmall tractors made into the 1970's.   Mounting brackets (see Pictures) are included with the toolbox. SOLD

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SOLD Antique Continental post hole digger with 9 inch auger with reverser  Click on the picture for larger pictures.        #1048

250 gallon fuel tank with stand and filling hose.   SOLD


SOLD Old Case one bottom pull plow on steel.

SOLD This is a Sears Roebuck  2 bottom 16inch, trip rope mechanical lift plow in excellent condition.


Standard AC single acting hi pressure hydraulic cylinder for use with a WD, WD45, or The D series Allis tractors.       Sold on Ebay

John Deere Model H series 50 ground drive spreader with spoke wheels.  Not restored but too nice to be scraped.  SOLD

Refurbished JD 70bu.  ground drive manure spreader. Many new parts. Ready to spread. Sold 2003

Old four wheeled ground driven manure spreader. Box measures 40 inches wide by 9 feet long in working condition. Horse tongue available. SOLD

2 row 3-point rear cultivator.    SOLD

Wagner/ Ford front end loader, all hydraulic with control valve, front pump, oil reservoir in frame, complete with material bucket and snow bucket. SOLD

SOLD AC hay rake, 3pt. hitch, pto driven , in very good condition.


2-bottom 3-point plow, with large rolling cutters  SOLD

IH #60 3x14 hyd pull plow (painted)  SOLD

Horse drawn one row corn planter SOLD

2 row M&M rotary hoe. SOLD

3pt tool bar with cultivator sweeps   SOLD

Woods HD #C80 mower with 80 inch cut, has 3 spindles with two swinging blades per spindle.


Model WD9 Allis trip bucket loader that will fit WD's and WD45's.  All attaching parts and lift cylinder included.   SOLD

 6 foot snap coupler blade.  Will fit either a snap coupler hitch or the older style WD hitch.  SOLD

Allis Chalmers Snap Coupler Blade  SOLD

200 Bu Gravity feed wagon. Traded

6 foot AC snap coupler adjustable scrape blade. SOLD

Rear wheel weights for 800 or 900  series Ford Tractors.  These weights consist of 12 - 35 lb weight segments per side, holding bracket which attaches to the wheel, and all attaching studs. Click picture to see other side.  #1147  SOLD

AC post hole digger with 9-inch auger. Fits WD, WD45, D14, D15, D17 with snap coupler hitch.   #1170  SOLD

Oliver horse drawn sulkey plow.  SOLD

Woods Model RM660 3pt hitch, 72 inch cut finishing mower with gear box drive.  SOLD

A pair of Used Oliver fenders in very good condition.  These were removed from an Oliver 70.  SOLD

A pair of Used John Deere utility tractor fenders.  Came off of JD 2020U.   SOLD

140 Bushel John Deere ground drive manure spreader restored to nearly new condition.   SOLD

80 Bushel Case ground drive manure spreader restored to nearly new condition.   SOLD

125 Bushel New Idea Manure Spreader with PTO drive, restored to nearly new condition.  SOLD

Late model IH Fast Hitch 3 bottom 14 inch plow.  Click on the image for larger pictures.   #1050  SOLD

Sold on Ebay aLocking lid, frame mounted tractor tool box, red in color and with an IH decal on the lid. The dimensions are 18 long and  6 wide X  51/2 deep.  Mounting brackets to mount the toolbox to the tractor frame are included.  SOLD

Stan Hoist front end loader Model #F25. With 40" trip bucket. Loader will fit all Farmalls ( H through 450's) and JD 2cly tractors. Cylinders, hoses and all attaching brackets included.  #1146

Simplicity model 4211 electric start rider with 11hp B/S engine 36 inch deck. Mower not running, sold as is.    SOLD

New Holland model S-8 hydrostatic drive, electric start, rider with 8hp B/S engine 36 inch deck. Mower not running, sold as is.  Click on the image for larger pictures. #1216  SOLD

Allis Chalmers #60 Combine.  Click on the image for more pictures.  SOLD

John Deere  #444 3 bottom 14 inch hydraulic plow in very good condition.  SOLD

John Deere model 272 6foot 3pt. grooming mower, good working condition.  SOLD

JD 4 bottom x 14 in hyd. plow with spoke wheels and hitch. SOLD


#25 John Deere 3pt sprayer with 150 gallon tank, 20 foot folding rear booms included. #1108 SOLD

IH #14 - 3 bottom 14 inch hydraulic  Lift pull plow. In very good field ready condition.  Click on the plow for larger pictures.  Sold at the August auction.   # 1277

2 bottom 12 in 3 point adjustable plow.  #1256   SOLD 


2 bottom  # 8 trip plow.  Click on the image for larger pictures.  Sold at the August auction. #1176

6 foot pull behind heavy duty bush hog, hyd or screw jack lift, has four cutting blades. Good gear box, pto shaft, and blades.  SOLD #1067

Allis Chalmers Snap Coupler Model 80 Sickle mower. Pitmanless, twin wheel drive, 7 foot bar for use on snap coupler hitch AC tractors      SOLD    # 1276

Allis Chalmers #110 front unload manure spreader. 110 bu.  capacity, used
very little, always shedded, in very good to excellent condition.  Original operators manual included.  SOLD  #1166

Horse drawn potato plow.  SOLD #1264

Horse drawn steel beam walking plow. SOLD   #1262

Allis Chalmers 4 bottom 14 inch snap coupler semi-mount plow    #1202  Sold

2 row cultivator to fit old Farmall
tractors (Regulars and F series Farmall Tractors). #1267  SOLD

Power Lift for old Farmall tractors ( Regulars, F series) (all attaching parts included) SOLD

IH #8 - 2 bottom trip pull plow. Good shares, bottoms and cutters. Very good over all condition. # 1278  SOLD

IH # 540 - 16"  4 Bottom Plow.  Good condition with exception that it is missing 3 rolling cutters. #1168  SOLD

2 bottom 2pt/3pt IH fast hitch plow.  SOLD    #1201

Little Red Farmall Box Wagon 6 foot by 10 foot Box on good running gear. 2 foot high removable sides, 15 inch tires. Great for parades, hay rides, displays, advertising, hauling, you name it!       SOLD     # 1304

Refurbished JD Two Bottom Sulky Gang Plow in excellent condition.  SOLD

Post Hold Digger to fit any AC tractor with rear lift arms. 9 inch auger. SOLD  #1322

JD 4bottom x 14 inch pull plow with hitch.   SOLD    #1029

No. 70 IH 4 bottom 14 inch plow.  SOLD   #1038

Two 250 bushel Bushnell Brand HD gravity wagons on heavy
duty running gears with good rubber. One has a hydraulic motor driven unloading auger. Very good condition.  #1339 SOLD

 Our Current Ebay Auctions !!


Three metal storage bins on legs. Can be used for grain or feed storage , corn for corn burning stoves, or grain for your ethanol still. 15 feet tall, 6 ton capacity. SOLD    # 1279


JD 4bottom x 14 inch pull plow with hitch.   Click on the plow for larger pictures.  SOLD       #1029

2 point fast hitch to 3 point Cat. II  quick hitch with center holes for drawbar.  SOLD   # 1336

AC snap coupler 2 bottom X 14 inch plow. Used very little. Will fit any WD or WD45 with snap coupler hitch.   SOLD    #1340

3 - bottom AC snap coupler mounted plow

SOLD # 1268

Hard to find John Deere 2 bottom 12 inch #30 3 point plow. Very good condition, with new style throw-away shares, land side adjustable gauge wheel.  SOLD     # 132

This is a Motor/Generator manufactured by Electric Machine. Model ATMG10, with 4cyl. Diesel engine on running gear.  #1266

AC/New Idea HD frame frontend loader with 40 inch trip bucket. All mounting brackets, hoses, lift cylinders and hardware included. This loader will fit perfectly on any Allis Chalmers WD or WD45. 
# 1342  SOLD 

2 bottom 2pt/3pt IH fast hitch plow.  Click on the picture for a larger image. #1036 SOLD 

World renowned Farmall Collector Ed Hettinger of Morton , Illinois stopped by Chats Tractors to purchase a #70 IH 4 bottom plow to pull behind His 560 Wheatland  #1388  SOLD

New Idea Hydraulic Loader to fit Allis Chalmers D17

Heavy Duty Allis / New Idea hydraulic frontend loader. Heavy frame with 6 1/2 foot wide deep bucket bucket. Mounting brackets for Allis D17 ..  # 1355 SOLD

Massey Ferguson 3 point hitch 7 foot sickle mower. #1382 SOLD

IH 2 point fast hitch 7 foot scrape blade.   #1037 SOLD

John Deere Model 45 front end loader   #1095 SOLD

John Deere 2 row front mount cultivators.  #1041  SOLD

Ford 3-point hitch 2 bottom roll / over plow  SOLD  #1432

Ford 3-point 1 bottom 16 inch plow  SOLD  # 1433

3 bottom #8 trip plow     #1175  SOLD

8 foot 3pt hitch adjustable disk   SOLD  #1434

Allis Chalmers Pull Type Disk.

# 1445  SOLD

John Deere Model L Ground Drive Manure Spreader. #1391 SOLD

like new Poulan riding lawnmower.

# 1388  SOLD

John Deere #5 Sickle mower

John Deere #5 drawbar mount 7foot sickle mower with hydraulic lift.  SOLD   #1056

IH #300 3 point sickle mower 

# 1418 SOLD


A pair of rear spin out rims, wheels and tires to fit Farmall Ms  SOLD  # 1429

11 foot wide, fully adjustable 3pt hitch disk. # 1441 SOLD

John Deere 2 bottom 14 inch hydraulic plow from the late 40s early 50s. Good condition except for 2 inch piece broke out of front.  Click on plow for close up pictures.   SOLD  #1459

Case 2 bottom 14 inch pull plow with trip lift,   Click on the plow for larger pictures. SOLD   # 1383

International Harvester Disk plow with three 24 inch disks and steel wheels in good working order.  Click on the picture for a larger image.

Item #1032 SOLD

AC #303 Baler.  Click on the image for more pictures.     #1193  SOLD

1495- Old JD planter .  Click on planter for close up pictures.

#1495 SOLD

Allis Chalmers 2 row snap coupler planter in good condition

#1448 SOLD

Allis Chalmers 9 foot snap coupler disk   SOLD    #1449